Workshop on Radiocarbon and the changing Carbon Cycle

General Information

This workshop will build on a meeting in spring 2022 that explored the merits and feasibility of coordinated, sustained radiocarbon measurement initiatives for improved assessment of current, future and managed changes to the Earth’s carbon cycle and greenhouse gas emissions. The findings of this prior meeting will be summarized and form the basis for engaging the radiocarbon community in discussions concerning the scope and implementation of radiocarbon measurement programs to constrain and predict future perturbations to the carbon cycle.

Venue: The meeting will be held on 11th of September 2022 prior to the Radiocarbon Conference at the ETH Zurich, Campus Hönggerberg (Switzerland).

Conveners: Tim Eglinton, Sue Trumbore

Preliminary Program

    1. Plenary:

      General introduction – background and motivation
      Brief introduction to radiocarbon modelling tools
      Brief introduction to radiocarbon-centric databases
      Outcome and preliminary recommendations from May 2022 meeting on Radiocarbon in the Anthropocene

    2. Breakout Group discussions (short [3-5 slide] presentations welcome to facilitate and guide discussions)

    3. Plenary synthesis and discussion of next steps