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Name Conveners Name Conveners
Archaeology  Climate / Calibration
A01 Agriculture, migration, DNA Ferran Antolin Claudia Gerling C01 Climate and paleoclimate studies Edouard Bard Franziska Lechleitner
A02 Diet and reservoir effect Ricardo Fernandes Dorothée G. Drucker John Meadows  C02 Anthropogenic impacts Mihály Molnár
Xiaomei Xu
A03 Archeological samples for accurate radiocarbon dating Elisabetta Boaretto Marta Caroselli C03 Radiocarbon production and cosmic events Michael Dee 
Fusa Miyake
A04 Archaeology and radiocarbon dating at the limit of the method Helen Fewlass
Irka Hajdas
Thomas Higham
C04 Dendrochronology and radiocarbon analysis Jesper Olsen  Charlotte Pearson Lukas Wacker
A05 Geoarchaeology: humans, landscapes, climate and ecology Christine Hatte Natalia Piotrowska C05 Radiocarbon calibration: data, tools and modelling Quan Hua Christopher Ramsey
A06 Art and cultural heritage Alex  Bayliss
Anita Quiles
Lior Regev
Regional and Global Carbon Cycle
A07 Radiocarbon & the protection of cultural heritage Irka Hajdas                            Timothy Jull G01 Atmospheric radiocarbon Sönke Szidat  Jocelyn Turnbull
Technical  G02 Oceanic carbon cycling Thomas Blattmann Maxi Castrillejo Roberta Hansman Brett Walker
T01 Developments in measurement techniques Robin Golser
Hans-Arno Synal
G03 Freshwater aquatic continuum Philippa Ascough Nathalie Dubois
T02 Developments in classical sample pretreatment Marie-Josée Nadeau  Rachel Wood
G04 The polar carbon cycle – radiocarbon in the cryosphere Lisa Broeder Gesine Mollenhauer 
T03 Novel methods and applications for radiocarbon analysis of natural matrices Negar Haghipour Caroline Welte Yusuke Yokoyama
G05 Terrestrial carbon dynamics Frank Hagedorn Susan Trumbore         
T04 New and updated facilities, Lab management, status reports Alex Cherkinsky Walter Kutschera Guaciara M. dos Santos
Tracer applications
Cosmogenic nuclides
O01 In-situ radiocarbon and other cosmogenic nuclides David Fink
Susan Ivy Ochs
Timothy Jull
Ta1 Tracer applications: Forensics, environment, biomedicine David Chivall Gianluca Quarta Daniele De Maria