Friday 16.09.2022
08:00 Registration
Time HG Room F7
08:30 P_05 Hans-Arno Synal
  (R)evolutionary developments towards high precision radiocarbon analyses
Time   HG Room F7   HG Room F5   HG Room D7.1
09:00 C04_01 Nicolas Brehm G02_05 Steven Beaupre
  Analysis of solar minima by using radiocarbon in tree-rings CANCELLED
09:20 C04_02 Helene Svarva G02_06 Sara Schlagenhauff
  The effect of altitude and latitude on growing season and radiocarbon content in tree rings From the Southern Ocean to the Bering Sea: using radiocarbon to investigate dissolved organic carbon aging in the Pacific
09:40 C04_03 Margot Kuitems G02_07 Susan Lang
  Interfacing Radiocarbon Production Events from Cosmic-ray Bursts with Other Fields of Research Seawater dissolved organic carbon is rapidly removed in ultramafic hydrothermal systems and replaced by ¹⁴C-free labile organics
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 C04_04 Michael Friedrich G02_08 Naoto Ishikawa  
  European Glacial tree-ring chronologies - New high-resolution ¹⁴C-series Bridging marine biosphere and geosphere using compound-specific radiocarbon analysis of amino acids in fish muscle
10:50 C04_05 Lukas Wacker G02_09 Hong-Chun Li
  Towards a continuous, annually resolved tree-ring record spanning the past 6000 years Sedimentary organic carbon ¹⁴C age and Δ¹⁴C-TOC variations in a 200-yr core from Santa Barbara Basin: Anthropogenic and climatic influences
11:10 C04_06 Andrej Maczkowski G02_04 Elvira Beisel
  Establishing prehistoric tree-ring chronologies for the southern Balkans: first results from lakeshore settlements of the 6th to 1st millennium BC Climate induced thermocline aging and ventilation south of the Azores front over the last 32,000 years
11:30 C04_07 Guaciara Santos G02_01 Joanna Lester
  Tree species in Central Amazon basin show uniform levels of ¹⁴C bomb-peak as well as fossil-CO₂ contributions from mining operations Recent changes in ocean DI¹⁴C and implications for ocean circulation
11:50 C04_08 Jesper Olsen
G02_02 Maxi Castrillejo
  Single-year radiocarbon dating applied to Viking Age towns and trade connections Evolution of radiocarbon in the North Atlantic during 1990s-2020 inferred from in-situ observations and model simulations
12:10 C04_09 Liam Mcdonald G02-d All participants G02
  A Simulation Approach to Quantify the Parameters and Limits of the Radiocarbon Wiggle Match Dating Technique plenary discussion
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Closing
  E. Boaretto, I. Hajdas, H.-A. Synal (Conference Chairs), Tim Jull (Editor of Radiocarbon)