Monday 12.09.2022
08:00 Registration
Time HG Room F7
08:30 Welcome and opening
  G. Dissertori (Rector of ETH Zurich)
  E. Boaretto, I. Hajdas, H.-A. Synal  (Conference Chairs)
09:00 P_01 Alex Bayliss
  Radiocarbon Dating of Historic Sites in the Age of Single-year Calibration
Time   HG Room F7   HG Room F5   HG Room D7.1
09:30 A01_01 Merita Dreshaj G01_01 Xiaomei Xu A03_01 Anita Quiles
  Dating the Earliest Evidence of Farming and Animal Husbandry in the Dutch Wetlands Atmospheric ¹⁴CO₂ time series from Point Barrow, Alaska: ending of the “Bomb Radiocarbon Period” in the Northern Hemisphere The Meryt Model: towards a new chronometric model for the Egyptian Old Kingdom
09:50 A01_02 Patrick Druggan G01_02 Jocelyn Turnbull A03_03 Damien Finch
  Early Maize in Eastern North America: Results from Spatial Modeling of Directly Dated Maize Macrobotanical Remains Tracking changes in fossil fuel CO₂ emissions using citizen science supported radiocarbon observations Dating the stylistic periods of Australian Aboriginal Rock Art
10:10 Coffee break
10:30 A01_03 Ferran Antolin G01_03 Jocelyn Turnbull
A03_04 Carla Hadden
  Combined radiocarbon dating and stable isotope analyses on Neolithic cereal finds identifies turning points in crop dynamics (ca. 6000-3000 BC)  Investigating the variability in the CO:CO₂ff emission ratio at different site types and times of day in Auckland, New Zealand  Wiggle-match dating on display: minimally destructive analysis of early American museum objects
10:50 A01_04 Noah Steuri G01_04 Pavel Povinec A03_05 Lara Milesi García
  Radiocarbon dating of human remains of first farming societies in the Western Alps - Tracking the evolution of Neolithic funerary customs Fifty-five years of radiocarbon studies in Bratislava: From the atmosphere to tree rings and wines Sampling ritual complexity: the case study of the megalithic Panoría site (Granada, Spain)
11:10 A01_05 Andrés Gabriel Mejía Ramón G01_05 Rajveer Sharma A03_07 Lorena Becerra-Valdivia
  A Regional-Scale Bayesian Reevaluation of Radiocarbon Data from Early Formative Mesoamerica Atmospheric ¹⁴CO₂ observations in megacity Delhi: Inferences for fossil fuel CO₂ (CO₂ff ) emissions

Developing a chronology for pre-Columbian Amazonia through the HERCA project
11:30 A01_06 Brendan Culleton
G01_06 Dylan Geissbühler A03_08 Corina Solis
  North American Pleistocene Fiber, Hide, and Wood Technologies from the Paisley and Cougar Mountain Caves, Oregon, USA Radiocarbon Inventories of Switzerland (RICH) : Source apportionment of atmospheric CO₂, sampling strategy and first results Pre-Columbian occupation chronology of southern coast of Nayarit, Mexico
11:50 A01_07 Svetlana Svyatko G01_07 Thomas Laemmel A03_09 Marta Caroselli
  Dating the emergence and development of nomadism in the Altai Atmospheric ¹⁴CH₄ measurements over Switzerland: first data and modeling results The dating of dolomitic mortars with uncertain chronology from Müstair Monastery: sample characterization and combined interpretation of results
12:10 A01_08 Derek Hamilton G01_09 Fan Jiang A03_10 Francesco Maspero
  A Multi-scalar Approach to Mobility: interpreting sulfur isotope values within relative and radiocarbon dating frameworks Quantitative evaluation of OC aerosol sources and aging processes: insights from a comprehensive method of dual-carbon isotopes and tracers  Characterization and selection of mortar samples for radiocarbon dating in the framework of MODIS2 intercomparison: results of the Italian laboratories
12:30 A01_09 Giacomo Capuzzo  
  Where are the dead? Prehistoric and historic funerary and population dynamics in Belgium, the impact of radiocarbon dating cremated bones
12:50 Lunch
14:00 A02_01 Emmanuelle Casanova T03_01 Fumina Minamitani A03_11 Jesper Olsen
  Compound-specific radiocarbon dating of lipid residues in pottery vessels: a new approach for detecting the exploitation of marine resources   A compact laser ablation system with a diode laser for AMS ¹⁴C measurement Radiocarbon and OSL dating of Caesar’s Forum in Rome
14:20 A02_02 Linda Scott Cummings
T03_02 Ekaterina Parkhomchuk A03_12 Jan Válek
  Efforts to remove ancient carbon from charred food crust: Successes and Failures New absorption-catalytic setup for graphitization of C-containing gases from water sources Effect Of Lime Production And Processing Methods On The Presence Of Geogenic Carbon In Historical Mortars 
14:40 A02_03 Linda Scott Cummings T03_03 Helen Green A03_14 Urs Leuzinger
  Examining carbon sources and radiocarbon dates on food plants and animals to understand offset dates on charred food crust Radiocarbon dating correlated microlayers in engraved, oxalate-rich accretions: new archives of paleoenvironments and human activity from Australian rock art shelters  Alpine archaeology and radiocarbon analysis: a match made in heaven!
15:00 A02_04 Corrie Hyland T03_04 Catherine E. Ginnane  
  Permafrost melt as the driver of archaeological and modern freshwater reservoir effect Refining the Bulk: Utilizing Complementary Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry to Focus and Inform Ramped Pyrolysis Radiocarbon Analyses
15:20 A02_05 Mari Tõrv T03_05 Christian Heusser
  Elite diet and its effects on the ¹⁴C dates of Estonian Bronze Age human remains  Microsublimation as final purification step for ¹⁴C analysis of specific compounds after chromatographic separation 
15:40 A02_06 John Meadows T03_06 Li Xu
  Dietary reservoir effect correction for mid-Holocene human remains from Sakhtysh, Russia: a novel regression-based approach Radiocarbon in dissolved organic carbon by UV oxidation: an update of procedures and blank characterization at NOSAMS
16:00 Coffee & beer
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