Workshop on radiocarbon in ocean water

The workshop will have a practical part in which the attendants can learn the seawater sample processing at the facilities of the Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics in ETH-Hönggerberg campus. We will run a batch of seawater samples using the fully automated LIP-ETH method (Figure 1). There will also be the opportunity to participate in sample preparation and pressing of the graphitised carbon samples into MICADAS and MILEA AMS cathodes. A short visit to measurement AMS facilities might also be possible. 

After the practical part, attendants will be encouraged to present their methods (sample handling, storage, processing, etc.) so that we can  initiate a fruitful discussion. Participants interested in submitting a contribution are kindly asked to contact Maxi Castrillejo.

The anticipated duration of the workshop is of 2-3 hours depending on the number of participants and their particular interests.

Figure 1: The ETH-LIP method used for the extraction and graphitisation of radiocarbon in seawater.