Workshop on compound-specific radiocarbon analysis

General Information

We invite anyone interested in sharing their experiences with compound specific radiocarbon analysis (CSRA) or interested in developing this analytical approach. The first part of this workshop will focus on sharing methods used for purification of specific compounds through a series of short presentations (speakers are fixed). This will serve as a basis for discussions, in which all participants can actively participate. In the second part, we will exchange experiences and share ideas on intercomparison exercises for CSRA.

Venue: The meeting will be held on 11th of September 2022 prior to the Radiocarbon Conference at the ETH Zurich, Campus Hönggerberg (Switzerland).

Conveners: Emmanuelle Casanova, Caroline Welte, Tim Knowles, Tim Eglinton

Preliminary Program

Part 1  Methods and techniques used for compound specific radiocarbon analysis (CSRA)
We will have a series of short presentations on methodologies for CSRA as a basis for informal discussions.

    1. Plenary: presentations on methods and compounds (e.g., n-alkanes, fatty acids, GDGTs, amino acids, alkenones)
    2. Group discussions:
      1. Group 1: Foreseen technical developments
      2. Group 2: Other compounds requiring CSRA
      3. Group 3: new applications to develop
    3. Plenary: synthesis

Part 2  Intercomparison exercises in CSRA

    1. Plenary: presentations on first results of ongoing intercomparison
    2. Group discussions: which intercomparisons should be conducted in the near future?
    3. Plenary: synthesis